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Author & Founder: Matt D   


Have you ever had a thought about the odds of an athlete making it to college? Have you ever thought about the odds of an athlete making it to the pro's? Have you ever had a thought about the athletes that don't make it at all?  

These three questions haunted me for years. Something always didn't sit quit right in my spirit when thinking on these questions.  After doing research and speaking with friends and family who were ex athletes, soon I learned an enlightening and disturbing fact.

There was 1 fact that laid within football statistics that was shocking and breathtaking.  Please keep a clear and open mind to this fact and teach as many athletes and people possible about this FACT!

There are approximately 1 million high school teens that participate each year in football. Out of that 1 million, 7.3% of players make it to the NCAA; which is 73,112 players. Out of the 73,112 players 254 become draft picks for the NFL. My God! That's only 1.6% that makes it from college to pro!


The most devastating question of all arouse, What happens to the remaining 1,005,759 players that don't make it?? 

After realizing a player has better odds of owning a NFL team or being struck by lighting before becoming a NFL player I knew it was my calling to get this message out.

 Being a former youth league athlete and a self made entrepreneur, I realized that an athlete has the discipline and drive to become an entrepreneur very quickly. An athlete becoming an entrepreneur is a more realistic achievement.  Not saying that playing ball at a pro level is impossible but it is unlikely for 99.99% of the participants according to the NCAA.

After learning these shocking statistics TROPHY APPAREL was born.

At TROPHY we believe that you as the individual should concentrate on being the trophy in everyday life. It's not always about winning the trophy!   

What is a trophy? Is it an award? Is it a decoration? No, it is a symbol; an idea. A trophy is only there to remind us of the hard work and dedication put in to obtain it.

At Trophy, we want to go beyond success. We want to show the world what goes into shaping a successful mind, body, business, and life.

At Trophy, we strive to bring you the best products, life stories, and ideas. That is why we follow our acronym in everything we do. What is our acronym you might ask well it’s our name. Trophy to us means, Team, Rally, Obedience, Practice, Hard-work, and Yearn.

TEAM- A team is the people around you who believe in the vision you are createating and support and assist your abilities to achieve.

RALLY-To rally together within that team is crucial because life is full of failure. Although, it is not the failure that defines us but what lessons we learn from them.

OBEDIENCE- Obedience is key. One must be obedient to themselves, and their team. 

PRACTICE- Perfect practice is the essential part of the process. You must repeatedly improve your skills and mindset.

HARD-WORK- Nothing comes easy. You must put in the work to achieve your goals period...

YEARN- But above all you must yearn for success. It has to be a burning flame so bright that no doubt, no negative words, no failures, could possibly stop you from achieving your goals.


If you use the TROPHY acronym in all things that you do success will become second nature. 

 Our mission at TROPHY is to show athlete's how to apply the drive and discipline they've learned in sporting to everyday life!